Monday, 11 April 2016

His artwork

Amid the bushes
He paved a path;
A path of wooden planks
On the ground of
Light colored stones
He let his creations flow
Even in tiniest of things
As he painted
This section of his sanctuary
Showing the juxtaposition
Of stones and woods
Midst of nature’s painting
As he so often does with art
Creating collocation of words
I wonder if he knows,
How pure his soul will be
As he pours all he has,
All he is-
In his creations.

 © Literati Meraki - iwrite

This poem has been shared Picture it & Write prompt initiated by Ermilia. 

PS- Picture it & Write now supports The Girl Effect, a movement empowering girls to break the cycle of poverty in their communities, countries, and world. All profits from the publication are donated to this cause.

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