Saturday, 28 December 2013

'No Vacany of Love!'

Name of the Book: No Vacancy For Love

Author: Anuj Shrivastava

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing

About the Author: Anuj, 21 years, born in Gwalior has completed his bachelor’s in Mass Communication, Advertisement and Journalism (B.Sc. MCAJ). He if the founder of ‘Off The Record Productions’ an independent film making group. He has written and directed a couple of short and one long movie and has also worked at various stages of film making. His aim is to become a filmmaker. Apart from this he is a very good mime actor.
No Vacancy For Love is his debut novel which he had written in his 2nd year of

Blurb: A reserved boy, an extroverted girl, both of them from the same college and a small town. It's not a love story, but a story of trust, belief, loyalty and sacrifices. Welcome to 'No Vacancy for Love' this is a story about two young people Shabd - Tanya and their friendship. It is about a friendship that burns under the path of faith, humanity, decency and hurting decisions. It challenges the saying 'if you are good to others, they are always good to you, if not today then wait for tomorrow.'

No Vacancy for Love is the story of best friends Shabd and Tanya. As we all know many times best friendship takes a turn in the form of love but as the title suggests it’s not the same case here. It’s about the purity in Shabd’s and Tanya’s best friendship with a number of ups and downs in their life. What happens later is left for us to find out. It shows the true meaning of how to keep your intact even when you are surrounded by many difficulties. It also gives a lesson as to whom we should trust and whom we shouldn’t, many a times we trust people who just mean to use us for their own benefits and later throw us like a tissue paper. The cover picture is beautifully designed in black and white, when actually most books have colored cover picture. It has its own beauty, I personally liked it. Shabd’s character and his way of keeping his friendship is showed well and in the end we all would wish to have such a friend in your life (atleast I wished so). :)

The editing is little weak when it comes to Hindi language, that could have been rectified and made it better. The cover picture though is beautifully designed but a picture depicting best friends would have complimented it all the more.

To sum up with it’s a nice, sweet story of two best friends and how one of them wish to keep their friendship intact and the attempts made to keep it strong. The only thing was the editing part of Hindi language could have been better.

Ratings: 4 OUT OF 5.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Sisters not by blood

"We met in a strange way
           felt connected
since the first day
          bonded by the feeling of pain
feeling of losing someone
          someone as vital as our life
destiny brought us to each other
          wanting to share the mutual pain
day went by knowing each other
           night came with her thoughts
thinking did i added a stranger
           or the one who is one of my own
still seems knowing her from long era
          realization struck as if met my sister..

Sister, a sister not by blood
             a sister by love and pain
one who supported me in every way
             calmly listened to my pain
word erupted like volcano
             felt those are safe here
listening to her pain as well
            eased my pain a little
knowing she is there to support me
            to be there as a friend
with experience of her own
             she'll nurture my happiness
with her sweet voice and lovely words
             she'll save me from this world's
cruelness and despised evilness
             she'll punish me for my mistakes
and feel proud on my good deeds
             She is my friend when i am in need
my guide when i am lost
             my inspiration when i am low
But most of all she is-
             my sister - Sister not by blood
Sister by love and pain." ~ ♥♥♥♥ ~
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