Sunday, 27 July 2014

मेरी गाथा

ना रखा किसी ने राबता मुझसे
उस दर्द नाक हादसे के बाद
कोसा गया मुझे हर पल
उठाई गयी हैं उंगलियाँ कई
उचला गया हैं कीचड़ भी
मेरे लड़की होने पर आज
किये है सबने अनेक सवाल
क्या था गुनाह मेरा?
फकत लड़की बन कर जन्मी हूँ
हुआ हैं ये सबसे बड़ा अपराध
हमेशा से दबाई गयी हैं आवाज़
चीना गया हैं मेरा मासूम बचपन
हो कर बड़े करा गया हैं कैद मुझे
माँ ने कहा लड़की हूँ में
लड़की बनकर रहूँ इस आँगन में
बाबा ने कहा लड़की हूँ में
पढ़ना मेरा कर्म नहीं
सीखाया गया घर का हर काम
पर ना सीखाया गया मुझे
अपने सपनों पर अंकुश लगाना
में बढती गयी उम्र से और
बढ़ते गए मेरे सपने भी
पर उन पर उड़ान की थी बंदिश
हो कर जवान में ब्याही गयी
पर किस्मत का था किसको पता
पा कर मुझको घर पर अकेले
आये थे कुछ गुंडे मवाली
रस्सियों से बंधा गया
हथेलियों से मरोड़ा गया मुझे
पर सुनी ना इक बिनती मेरी
फाड़ कर मेरे लिबाज़ को
चीर कर मेरी आत्मा को
लूट कर मेरी इज्ज़त को
जिंदा मारा हैं मुझे
छोड़ा हैं पति ने मुझे
मोड़ा हैं मुह माँ बाप ने मेरे
कोसा हैं मोहल्ले वालों ने मुझे
पर दिलाई ना मुझे मेरी इज्ज़त
ना पकड़ा उन दरिंदों को
बस लड़की के नाम पर
इक वास्तु समझा गया हैं मुझे
ना रखा किसी ने राबता मुझसे
उस दर्द नाक हादसे के बाद..!!

 Picture Courtesy - Jimmy Eric, thank you Jimbo!!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Review: Happily Murdered by Rasleen Syal

Name of the Book: Happily Murdered

Author: Rasleen Syal

Publisher: Srishti Publishers and Distributers

About the Author: Rasleen Syal is an Indian writer and a mystery addict. She enjoys reading mystery novels, and playing detective. She is an architect with an MBA degree, and runs a business in Gurgaon, where she lives with her husband and their daughter.

Blurb: Gulab Sarin has been murdered. The new daughter-in-law of the wealthy and influential Mehta family, she is found dead the day after her wedding. The police know for certain that it’s an insider. Anyone could be the murderer, from the adulterous husband to the plotting in-laws. Or it could be the jealous friend or the love struck ex-fiance. All of them wish to save their own skins and incriminate others, so they begin a crusade to hunt for the truth as amateur detectives. Can they bring out the truth or will Gulab’s murderer vanish, leaving the truth dead just like her? (Via Flipkart)

Verdict: As the blurb clearly states, this story revolves around Gulab Sarin Mehta who was found dead the day after her marriage. There are many people living in palace who have the motive to kill her and may have killed her as well. When all of them wish to save themselves and their family members they try to plot against the other and incriminate them. To fulfill their wish they try to be detectives themselves and what do they find in their search will leave us baffled and confused. But will they and the police get hold of the murderer or will the murderer escape? Will an innocent be made a scapegoat or will they be fair enough in their means to find the murderer? These all answers lie in this murder mystery book.

1) Great story line.
2) Good vocabulary.
3) Wonderful cover.
1)   Very few editing hinges.
2)   Ned wrongly named as Sid, once.

To sum up with the review it’s a wonderful story line portraying the murder mystery that leaves you wanting to read more until you find out the murderer never leaving the hint about the culprit till the climax. Not all murder mystery books keep you on hold with the book till the end, but this book does. A worth read.

Ratings: 4 OUT OF 5.

Book Details:

Title: Happily Murdered
Author: Rasleen Syal
Edition: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9789382665182
ISBN-10: 9382665188
No. of Pages: 260
Binding: Paperback
Price:  115 Rs

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Monday, 21 July 2014


hovering in grey
drizzling tears of glee and gloom
driftwood wanderer

Picture Copyright - ShutteR'n'ExposE by HeenA

Tearful Confederate

Oh my dear tears
Thou has been my company
In those lonesome nights
When nobody is in my sight
Thou hasn't left my side
For years have passed by
Thou never once said goodbye
When I longed for someone
Nearby, Thou were always the one
No wonder how times come
Be it of glee or of gloom
Thou allowed me to express
To heave a sigh of relief
To always make me believe
To make me a kind human
In the crowd of inhuman
At times you comfort me
Allowing me to let out my pain
So I accept calmness as my gain
At times of glee I cheer in joy
Breaking the damns I have build
Making way for my salty river
Kissing from eyes to cheeks, and
From cheeks to find a place to rest
Basking in the curves of my lips
Whether I smile or I cry
I whale or I laugh
I grin or I frown
Thou always come to my rescue
Letting me hide in thine refuge
Though I have blamed thee
At times of my irritation
On thee I remove my agitation
But thou always let me be me..!!

Picture Courtesy - Google Images


ना समझ इन्हें फकत प्यार की निशानी
ये मशहूर है अपना रंग बदलने के लिए
ये होते है कभी नर्म से रुई जैसे गोले
और कभी बन जाते है तूफानी ओले
पर इन्हें देख कर मिलता है सुकून
खेतों में देते है ये जान इक नयी
जब देखो इनका रोद्र रूप तुम भी
समझ जाना इक बवंडर आने को हैं
बम्बई की सडको को ये अपने रस से भरे
ओस बन कर कई फूलों पर मिले
ना हैं कोई इन सा निराला और प्यारा
ये हैं बादलो का घना छाया !!

Picture copyright - ShutteR'n'ExposE by HeenA

Friday, 18 July 2014

Drizzling Souls…..

This breeze speaks a little of you, to me
Asks me about the difference in between
Wonderment delights my soul today
Thinking how has this breeze knows you
Have I been carelessly whispering your name?
Or is it you painting my smile on every cloud?
Why these clouds rejoice in glee when we meet?
Pouring their heartfelt drizzles on our souls
And the wind making hush sounds along
Letting our drenched souls bask in passion's shelter
Carelessly we dance together to our heart's delight
Locking each other in passionate moves
Swaying in each other’s expertise
Was it salsa that we started off with?
Or is it the jazz that I love to dance with you?
Your fine statue and built arms carrying me around
But it's your chiseled face that stole my breath
It’s the way your eyes look into my eyes
The way they seek pleasure and permission
To make me surrender myself to you, this day
You have been my dream come true, my fantasy
Filling my life, soul and heart with love’s ecstasy…..

Image Courtesy - Deepak Shukla 
Thank you Deepak for allowing me to use your creation for my poem!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Beginning of a Beautiful New Life....

Nine months ago from today
The most beautiful day arrived
I had you inside me
To strength me and love me
And today you have come in our lives
With a new bundle of joy
My baby .. My daughter !!

The moment I looked at you
I was in love with you all the more
Looking at me with half eyes open
Trying to grasp a look of me
Carrying a sweet innocent smile
A smile that takes your heart away

You are my baby ..
A beautiful part of me
Daddy's little angel
Sent from heaven
Our precious little gift
With sweet little cry
You have come in our life

Few moments old
With soft pinkish skin
Small little fingers reach
To grab my fingers
There's a glow on your face
That can last an endless time..

As sweet as honey
Is your presence
As beautiful as rose
Is your innocent face
As sweet as a melody
Is your pretty voice
As bright as a star
Is your eyes full of dreams

Its a beautiful bond
Holding you and me
Created from my womb
Till the time you have born
Now your presence
Shall bond us both
Into another beautiful bond
From the time of your birth
Till our lives together, forever !!

© A Literati Meraki 2012 Creation

Image Courtesy - Google Images

This poem had been written for my friend's sister on the day she gave birth to her girl child and is close to me and is shared with - Open Link Monday at Real Toads

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Rubescent Love or Rufescent Varmint

There he rises in shiny cerise
Changing tinges and shades
From carmine to scarlet
Lasting to hues of bloodshot red
Making me wonder of its nature

Should I call thee a rubescent love?
The one that plunges deep into my soul
Taking my breath away, calls my name
Letting it echo like the sweetest jingle
And I hold onto thee like little kid’s cling

Should I call thee a rufescent varmint?
Asking the presence of his ardent lover
The one who is adroitly fiend fanatic
Inhaling the scent of your fierce mystery
Seeking consent to carry devastation

Burning my desires away, I look
For once to thy ruby charm
Reminiscing thy craving to wreckage
Destruction as thine paramount covet
To make this world a death’s show

Holding my grudges of meeting thee
In person, the look in thy rosy eyes
That stole me from my own self
To this day I surrender myself to thee
To be a victim of thine assassination..!!

Image Courtesy - Google Images.
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