Monday, 21 July 2014

Tearful Confederate

Oh my dear tears
Thou has been my company
In those lonesome nights
When nobody is in my sight
Thou hasn't left my side
For years have passed by
Thou never once said goodbye
When I longed for someone
Nearby, Thou were always the one
No wonder how times come
Be it of glee or of gloom
Thou allowed me to express
To heave a sigh of relief
To always make me believe
To make me a kind human
In the crowd of inhuman
At times you comfort me
Allowing me to let out my pain
So I accept calmness as my gain
At times of glee I cheer in joy
Breaking the damns I have build
Making way for my salty river
Kissing from eyes to cheeks, and
From cheeks to find a place to rest
Basking in the curves of my lips
Whether I smile or I cry
I whale or I laugh
I grin or I frown
Thou always come to my rescue
Letting me hide in thine refuge
Though I have blamed thee
At times of my irritation
On thee I remove my agitation
But thou always let me be me..!!

Picture Courtesy - Google Images


  1. Nicely written. Good expressions :-)

  2. There is always that someone upon whom we depend a lot ... good use of feelings here :-)

  3. Amrit - Yes we humans are born to enjoy in company.. Thanks much :)

  4. Meghant - Complication too arouses one's interest to solve it. ;)


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