Friday, 18 July 2014

Drizzling Souls…..

This breeze speaks a little of you, to me
Asks me about the difference in between
Wonderment delights my soul today
Thinking how has this breeze knows you
Have I been carelessly whispering your name?
Or is it you painting my smile on every cloud?
Why these clouds rejoice in glee when we meet?
Pouring their heartfelt drizzles on our souls
And the wind making hush sounds along
Letting our drenched souls bask in passion's shelter
Carelessly we dance together to our heart's delight
Locking each other in passionate moves
Swaying in each other’s expertise
Was it salsa that we started off with?
Or is it the jazz that I love to dance with you?
Your fine statue and built arms carrying me around
But it's your chiseled face that stole my breath
It’s the way your eyes look into my eyes
The way they seek pleasure and permission
To make me surrender myself to you, this day
You have been my dream come true, my fantasy
Filling my life, soul and heart with love’s ecstasy…..

Image Courtesy - Deepak Shukla 
Thank you Deepak for allowing me to use your creation for my poem!


  1. बहुत बढ़िया है

  2. Or is it you painting my smile on every cloud? are always welcome...I'm your fan..:)

  3. Shwetabh - Shukriya!!

    Deepak - Thanks much!! I'm your fan too!! :)

  4. Too romantic ... loved the sensuality in this piece :-)

  5. Amrit - Thanks a ton .. Glad you liked it. :)

    Meghant - Thank you. :)


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