Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Rubescent Love or Rufescent Varmint

There he rises in shiny cerise
Changing tinges and shades
From carmine to scarlet
Lasting to hues of bloodshot red
Making me wonder of its nature

Should I call thee a rubescent love?
The one that plunges deep into my soul
Taking my breath away, calls my name
Letting it echo like the sweetest jingle
And I hold onto thee like little kid’s cling

Should I call thee a rufescent varmint?
Asking the presence of his ardent lover
The one who is adroitly fiend fanatic
Inhaling the scent of your fierce mystery
Seeking consent to carry devastation

Burning my desires away, I look
For once to thy ruby charm
Reminiscing thy craving to wreckage
Destruction as thine paramount covet
To make this world a death’s show

Holding my grudges of meeting thee
In person, the look in thy rosy eyes
That stole me from my own self
To this day I surrender myself to thee
To be a victim of thine assassination..!!

Image Courtesy - Google Images.


  1. Beautifully expressed. Emotions came out nicely.

  2. Pehle to aadhe words samajh nahi aaye ... fir dictionary dekha :p

    Jokes apart, this poem is a class apart ... good flow, fabulous usage of words and a perfect smoothness ... loved it :-)

  3. Amrit - hehe happens with me too!! Thanks a lot I'm honored to have such a feedback from you.! :)

    Meghant - Difficult sometimes intrigues you to read more. :)


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