Friday, 2 May 2014

The Unsung Hero…

3rd Jan, 1955
The day when her hero was born
Whose love remains always adorned
The unsung hero of her little family
The one who turns her gloom to glee
In need he lends her his helping hand
He is an angel with a magical wand
Surrounded by a numinous aura
Knowing him has its own euphoria
His dedicated self has been his power
And entrusted him with esteemed shower
Plays the perfect role model of a husband
The one who shines bright as a diamond
A father to a son who is like his sun
Thereon, his double duties had begun
Never had he taken a setback for himself
Family was his treasured jewel in itself
She was her daddy’s little angel
In his arms she would forever twirl
In him I see a cutest pal, a coolest uncle
His smile makes my eyes go twinkle
Truly he is a blissful bundle of love
Gifted us from the one heavenly above…!!

Picture Copyright - Myself

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