Saturday, 19 April 2014

End of Time….

Hadn't it been for your brutality
I could have thought to hold on
Hadn't it been for your harshness
Leaving our kin I wouldn’t have gone

You changed the moment you felt right
Without my fault you only choose to fight
Now why do you feel something is amiss
When without me your life was a bliss

Feelings changed and you had your part
Leaving me with no second thoughts apart
Why do you feel the urge to come back again
When with others your life is full of Glee's gain

Love and kinship isn’t available on sale
To purchase when your condition’s pale
You possess an alteration egoistic sin
Asking amnesty, my heart you can’t win

You now seem to have a contented heart
Maybe changing people is your finest art
Maybe I too shall be fine at the end of time
As all that’s gold isn’t always meant to shine…..


  1. Wonderfully weaved. There are so many catchy lines. Bravo.


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