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Book Review: Unsatisfied Satisfaactionns by Riitik Babbar

Name of the Book: Unsatisfied Satisfaactionns

Author: Riitik Babbar

Publisher: Authors Empire Publications

About the Author: Riitik Babbar is an Indian author from Delhi. He has penned down the book Unsatisfied Satisfaactions. (Via Flipkart)

Blurb: Unsatisfied Satisfactions, a confusing combination of two words, are the feelings when someone close to you, whom you loved the most, is no more in your life but you are still satisfied thinking about that someones well being and happiness. You bequeath your happiness to see that person satisfied.
Riitik, a common boy from a Punjabi family, fell in love with Niyati who belongs to a Brahmin family. After a good, unforgettable time spent together and having one of the best love moments anyone could think of, they dreamt of being together to measure every thick and thins of life. They thought that nothing in the world was strong enough to put them apart. No other relation was more important to them than theirs. And they were meant to be for each other truly, madly and deeply.
But then, destiny, which made them meet first, played its game again and things changed with its one Masterstroke. (Via HS18)

Verdict: As the blurb clearly states, the story revolves around Riitik, a Punjabi boy, who falls in love with Niyati, a Brahmin girl. The story states of how these two meet each other out of the blue and fall in love. What felt like an eternity and when wishes of spending their life’s together started to seep in, that’s when destiny plays its mysterious role and they fall apart. What will happen to these two when they fall apart? Will they be able to pick up their life and move ahead or will they be still stuck in the beautiful moments of past? Let’s find out what and how they will do in their lives.

1) Nice story line.
2) Nice cover but could have been better.
3) The usage of anonymous shayaris is good.
1)   Editing hinges.
2)   A name spelt as Preeti once and twice as Preety.
3)   The story in the initial phase felt kiddish and could be dealt in a much matured way.

To sum up with the review it’s a nice story but could have been dealt in a much better way. It could have been written in a matured way and avoiding the way it sounds kiddish in the first half part. There’s nothing much unusual about the story line which we all might have read somewhere or the other or may have seen on television as well. But only if it would have been handled better it could bind the reader in a proper manner. Poems or shayaris written by the writer itself could have been helpful. The usage of language at some places is good.

Ratings: 2 OUT OF 5.

Book Details:

Title: Unsatisfied Satisfaactionns
Publisher: Authors Empire Publications
Author: Riitik Babbar
Edition: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9788192648057
ISBN-10: 8192648052
No. of Pages: 138
Price:  130 Rs

©Heena Ahuja
11th September, 2014

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