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*Book Review : The Broken Sun by Alokita Sharma

Name of the Book: The Broken Sun

Author: Alokita Sharma

Publisher: Petals Publishers

About the Author: Alokita Sharma is the author of Dying at 19, her debut novel, which was published in 2011. She is an engineering graduate and has worked for Essel Group and a publication house from 2012 to 2014. She is currently pursuing a management degree in New Delhi. The Broken Sun is her second novel, which is the first installment of the Broken series. (From Book)

Blurb: Anay had everything he could ask for. A job he loved. A girlfriend he adored. He was getting recognition for his work. Life should have been dandy then. When layers were peeled off from this so called dandy life of Anay, he loved his assistant more, his girlfriend was dead and his research was missing. He was truly broken. People knew his deepest darkest secrets, his father was still a bastard and he was a murder suspect. In nine hours his life has taken a drastic turn. Could he survive this? Would he survive this seems like a more appropriate question! (Via Amazon)

Verdict: As the blurb states that the story revolves around Anay who had everything working perfectly well in his life until the last nine hours which turned his life upside down. In the last nine hours of his life his girlfriend was dead, his research went missing and what was worst that he was a murder suspect. Would he survive this turmoil or would he succumb to the situations and accept defeat? Let’s find out what Anay’s destiny has in store for him.

1) Nice story line.
2) Nice cover.
1)   There are too many editing hinges, almost every few pages, which makes it tough for the reader to built interest and can often not please them. It could have been avoided to make the reading fluid and easy for readers without any hindrance.
2)   The character name of Anay’s dead girlfriend has been goofed up in one chapter. There are chapters named as part two of something but there’s no mention of part one before that chapter.
3)   Certain logics and facts of the sequences that happen in the book has been ignored, which makes the reading and understanding of events tough.
4)   The second last chapter seemed as a hurried attempt to cover the book within the given number of pages, where as the rest of the story before was at even pace.

To sum up with the review it’s a nice story but it could have been better if only the little facts and logics were taken proper care of. The editing mistakes, name goof up could have been certainly avoided and even the chapter names could have been kept appropriately.  

Ratings: 2 OUT OF 5.

Book Details:

Title: The Broken Sun
Publisher: Petals Publishers
Author: Alokita Sharma
Edition: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-9385440182
ISBN-10: 9385440187
No. of Pages: 136
Price:  100 Rs

©Heena Ahuja
25th May, 2016

*The book copy has been given to the reviewer by Naaz.

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