Saturday, 18 July 2015

Utabukuro #Geisha

I don't have much of Haiku knowledge nor do I know much about any renowned Haiku poets.

I am not much of a frog lover but I did like the Haiku about 'Geisha' written by Chèvrefeuille.

geisha's secret life
gathering tea leaves
for her lover

© Chèvrefeuille
 as she always did
as long as i can recall
longing his return
dreaming his visit
she glows in his love's casket
as he hugs her tight
but her dream's broken
as she hears the cuckoos call
crestfallen within
mustering courage
she again gathers tea leaves
           for her lover......          

© Literati Meraki - iwrite

This Haiku is shared with - Carpe Diem Utabukuro #5 Origami frog

Image Courtesy - Carpe Diem blog and Google Images.


  1. There was real drama in your series there, and smooth flow with the emotion. An original idea that worked well.

  2. Wow Heena what a wonderful series of haiku inspired on my haiku, Chèvrefeuille is my pseudonym as a haiku poet, a real story full of emotions. Thank you for participating and sharing your haiku here at Carpe Diem.

    1. I should be thankful to you for inspiring me so much!! Thanks a ton!!

  3. Beautiful chained haiku story ... I loved reading this very much! Bastet

  4. Ooof ... heartache in this chained haiku! Very nicely done :)

  5. Oh tea leaves marking arrival and departure.. so good! A whole night sequenced in your haiku!

    1. Thanks much, glad you liked it!! :)


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