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Book Review: Forget Me Not, Stranger by Novoneel Chakraborty

Name of the Book: Forget Me Not, Stranger.

Author: Novoneel Chakraborty

Publisher: Random House India

About the Author: Novoneel Chakraborty is the bestselling author of six romantic thrillers. Forget Me Not, Stranger is his seventh novel and third in the immensely popular Stranger trilogy. He works in the Indian films and television industry, penning popular shows like Million Dollar Girl, Twist Wala Love and Secret Diaries for Channel V. He lives in Mumbai. (Via Amazon)

Blurb: I’m Rivanah Bannerjee, 23/F/Mumbai. Some of you might already know how my life is on a razor edge. Those of you who don’t, just know this: I may be killed soon . . . by the Stranger. I don’t know who or what he is: a ghost, a person or a figment of my imagination? All I know is he isn’t just one thing: he is sexy and scary, terrific and terrifying. What I don’t understand is why a young, harmless girl like me, who works in a big city, stays away from her parents and has a screwed-up love life, would be of any interest to him. Unless there is something about my own story that I do not know. . .

In the hotly anticipated final installment of the Stranger trilogy, Rivanah will learn the answers to her many questions—what is it that binds her to the dead Hiya? Who is the Stranger? Why has he been following her all this while?—leading to an intense, breath-taking climax. (Via Amazon)

Verdict: As the blurb clearly states, the story revolves around Rivanah who has been stalked by a stranger ever since she has set her foot in Mumbai city. The one who makes her do many things against her wishes and never leaves her with any choice whatsoever. The mystery of him is so fearful and at the same time arousing for her that she tends to ponder and be sad if and when the stranger doesn’t contacts Rivanah for few days. She finds him sexy and terrifying at the same time. But this time she is sure that he is definitely back of her life and wishes her harm...or more worse wants her dead.

Will she be able to gather the facts and secrets of her own life? Will she finally get a chance to unearth the truth of this stranger? Will she get to meet him? Will she find out the truth behind Hiya’s death and her connection with her? Let’s find out……

1) Brilliantly sketched story line.
2) Nice cover but could have been better.
3) The characters have been described to perfection.
4) The twists and turns described in the story are bound to stay with you for days.

To sum up with the review it’s perfectly awesome story line and a sequence to Marry Me, Stranger and All Yours, Stranger which in itself are well written novels. The author has grown immensely in the way he projects his story and has an expertise to turn a series of mysteries without leaving the story overburdened or letting it lose its charm. This series is sure to be one of his finest works ever.  

All in all it’s a mind-boggling and mind blowing story which will make you love, hate and at times envy Rivanah’s character. A must read!!!!!!

PS – I am still high and lost in the twists and turn of the story and seems like it will take me some days to get normal and even consider picking up my next book.

Ratings: 5 OUT OF 5.

Book Details:

Forget Me Not, Stranger
Random House India
ISBN – 13
Novoneel Chakraborty
No. of Pages
123 Rs


Purchase Link: Click Here

©Heena Ahuja
16th April, 2016

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